Relco Pacific

Innovative Process Technologies

RELCO Pacific is a process engineering group specialising in solutions for the Dairy, Cheese, Food, Chemical and Environmental industries.
We focus on the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of process systems: “From raw material to finished product”.


RELCO Pacific equipment and total systems for the processing of dairy products including milk reception, dry and liquid blending, evaporation, drying, CIP-able bag filters, powder conveying and bulk and consumer packaging. Read more »


We provide customized processing and control systems and equipment for cheese plants, from separate components to complete cheese and whey plant systems. Our process and controls engineers take your vision and specifications and build the most efficient and reliable systems that meet your plant’s needs and resources. Read more »

Food processing

RELCO Pacific offers a design and installation service for a wide range of food products in conjunction with our process partners Ingetecsa, Andritz Gouda and Dinnissen. Our processes include drying, sterilization/pasteurization (thermal treatment), peeling, cooling and mixing. Read more »

Customer Packaging Lines

RELCO Pacific is proud to offer the PLF range of filling lines which are all built to facilitate the exacting demands of the dairy, food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. PLF manufacture a range of lines from semi or to fully automatic and are built so performance can be enhanced to meet production demands.

The PLF filler is the most accurate high speed can filler on the market. Read more »

Chemical Processing

Equipment and systems for the thermal treatment and solidification in the chemical industry. Read more »

Environmental Services

RELCO Pacific offers a range of specialist processes and equipment in conjunction with our process partners Hydrothane STP, Amcon, Spirac Australia, Andritz Gouda and Ingetecsa. Their process solutions are specifically designed to cater for the environmental services industry. Read more »


RELCO PLF International Ingetecsa Andritz Gouda Dinnissen Spirac Australia Amcon HydroThane STP

About us

RELCO Pacific is the new name for Process Solutions International Ltd, a company Richard Atkins started in 1998, specialising in process engineering for the Food and Dairy Industries. PSI has merged with Independent Project Services a company owned and operated by Dave Van der Werff.

The company has expanded and taken on industry specialists to offer a full design and installation service for not only Food and Dairy but also now Chemical and the very important growing Environmental applications.

We have specialists in each of these sectors and we welcome your enquiry.

Our markets regularly include New Zealand, Australia, South America and South East Asia.

We encourage feasibilities to be done and can actively assist with that and then the important phase of pilot testing which gives all the confidence necessary to proceed with a commercial project.


Contact us

Contact Richard for further information on any of our products.

Richard Atkins
+64 21 280 1373