RELCO provides customized processing and control systems and equipment for cheese plants, from separate components to complete cheese and whey plant systems. Our process and controls engineers take your vision and specifications and build the most efficient and reliable systems that meet your plant’s needs and resources.

Cheese Systems

  • Starter/culture systems
    Cheese plant systems

    Cheese plant systems

  • RELCO® cook vats
  • Milk standardization-RELCO® OPTIMIZER
  • CIP systems
  • Stoelting
    • Horizon II vat
    • SVC open vat
    • Drain/salting belt
    • Curd table
    • Block former
  • Cheese plant automation
    • Total plant
    • Vat automation
    • Predictive cook control
  • Cream cheese concentrator system


Cheese making equipment

RELCO provides Stoelting cheese making equipment including enclosed and open vats, draining equipment, block formers, belt and air conveyers and other material handling equipment.

Stoelting designs and manufactures a full line of USDA approved cheesemaking equipment. Along with RELCO we design, automate, install and service equipment and systems from separate components to complete cheese and whey plant systems.

Stoelting offers a wide variety of vats for flexibility, including cheesemaking
vats, lab vats, enclosed and open top, designed to USDA standards and
heavy duty constructed for superior performance and long life.

Draining equipment
Reliable performance for draining, matting, stirring,
and salting with a variety of finishing tables and conveyors,
custom designed for thru-put and type of cheese,
with single or multiple belts, depending on application.

Block former


Maximum production of many types of cheeses with exceptional block quality.
Designed to USDA standards. Heavy dutry construction and built with superior
technology. Flexibility of 20-pound to 60-pound block sizes.
The standard of excellence in cheesemaking equipment.

Material handling
Whether your need is belt or air conveying, bulk handling or vacuum transfer,
Stoelting has the experience to assist you to ensure the exact application and

Block breaker

Heavy duty device to crumble warm 40# to 60# blocks for
filling of 500# barrels or 640# boxes.

Fines savers

Fines Recovery System for greater yields by using a much finer mesh filter.

OptiSet probe monitors coagulation process in a cheese vat resulting in consistent product and maximizes yields.

Cheese plant automation

RelTronix® Automation puts you in controlAutomation

RELCO engineer’s combine suppliers of leading edge technology and process and application knowledge to design control systems that are efficient for application correct automation. Our cheese vat automation program, predictive cook control program and milk standardization program are designed by cheese makers to provide the control for today’s plant complexities to produce consistent product every day. RELCO provides trouble free sustainable solutions to integrate total plant systems and equipment from milk receiving, separation, heat treatment, culturing, curd handling, evaporation, drying and powder handling for total plant automation.

Total cheese plant

  • Controls design
  • Network structure
  • Electrical drafting
  • Panel construction
  • Automation
  • PLC programming
  • HMI/GUI design
  • Database interfacing

RELCO® Cheese vat automation

RELCO® cheese vat automation program integrates controls from raw milk through curd processing. Every process step is programmed and can easily be changed by the cheese maker. The total daily production is scheduled for all vats, recipes and ingredients. Each system is customized for your equipment and processes. Additional features are database reporting, ingredient tracking, vat ingredient records and real time trend analysis.

RELCO® OPTIMIZER-Ingredient management system

The RELCO® OPTIMIZER is a liquid blending system to optimize formulations using Forward Think Logic (FTL) for continuous production control. This automated decision-making system improves product quality and maximizes ingredient use by calculating ingredient compositions ratios for blending. Data is provided from in-line tests or manual inputs. The system is custom designed for your ingredients, equipment, process, formulas and plant floor needs.

The OPTIMIZER system is used anywhere in a dairy or food plant where two or more liquid ingredients are blended together for precise targeting of finished composition to minimize ingredient cost and control consistency. Common ingredient used for blending are milk, skim milk, condensed milks, UF or RO products, cream, WPC, whey, and other liquids. Standardization of fat, protein, lactose, non-fat milk solids and total milk solids are possible.

Predictive cook control

RELCO® predictive cook control program provides a consistent temperature from start to finish for cheese vat culturing. Steam input is calculated based on flow rates, vat composition and actual temperatures to eliminate the lag time between steam input and actual vat milk temperatures to hit precise temperature targets. The cook control program optimizes moisture standard, fat recovery, PH standard, FDB standard and cheese yield.