RELCO Pacific equipment and total systems for the processing of dairy products including milk reception, dry and liquid blending, evaporation, drying, CIP-able bag filters, powder conveying and bulk and consumer packaging lines.

Applications include Lactose, Permeate powders, Whey protein concentrate, Whey, Skim and Whole milk powders, MPC, Infant Formula etc.

We can also relocate and refurbish plant to suit a new application. This can provide a more cost effective alternative to new equipment.



For almost 30 years RELCO USA have been designing, manufacturing and installing high quality stainless steel processing equipment for the dairy and food industry. RELCO has become a leader in liquid flow, heat treatment, evaporation and drying design. With offices in the USA, Europe, South America and now New Zealand has now made it a global company.

PLF International

PLF International

For over 20 years PLF International from the UK have designed and manufactured what is considered the most flexible and accurate high speed can filling lines for powder products.

RELCO Permeate Powder Systems

The RELCO Permeate Drying System is specifically designed for manufacturing a high quality non-hygroscopic edible permeate powder from milk or whey permeates. Some of the unique system features are: maximum moisture removal through a Hi-Con evaporator, continuous crystallization, heat recovery to improve moisture removal, bottom feed drying chamber to reduce total size and a fluid bed for final drying and powder cooling. System flexibility allows the plant to manfacture a whole whey powder on the same system. A pilot plant system is available for use at your plant on your permeate material.

The main features of the RELCO Permeate Drying System are that the system utilises high solids evaporation to minimize the size and energy requirements of the dryer. It has a unique continuous crystallization to minimize crystallizer capital and cooling expenses. The dryer is designed specifically for the drying of permeate products and features a unique bottom fed design for long retention time yet compact chamber size. High-pressure nozzle atomisation is used for controlled atomisation. All system are designed to meet 3A sanitary standard design for edible powder production. Explosion venting on dryer chamber and baghouse. The system has an extremely compact design with small plant footprint, about 12 m. X 21 m. (high), for easy site location. The system includes as standard a milling and sifting system to meet customers powder size requirements.


RELCO Lactose Process Systems

The RELCO Lactose System is recognized as the world leader for lactose drying, with the lowest capital and operating cost to produce high quality Edible and Pharma grade powders. Each process step has been engineered to maximize conversion efficiencies.

The main features of the RELCO Lactose process are that the process is designed to produce high quality edible grade lactose. The system is designed to minimise both operating and capital costs without compromising the quality of either the installation or the product produced. RELCO is recognised as the world leader in lactose manufacturing equipment and has over 50 lactose production plants operating worldwide. The refining and drying processes produce very high quality, edible grade lactose for many food and pharmaceutical applications. The plant requires a small footprint with the compact Attrition Dryer design. Low air and water flow rates and low temperature provide the underpinning for low operating cost and high quality powder. RelTronix® Controls provide precise equipment operation for each step of the process to minimize operator duties. The system meets all USDA, FDA and 3-A sanitary standards.


Whey Protein Concentrate Production

WPC Dryer 

RELCO Pacific can provide state of the art Whey Protein Concentrate production lines for the manufacture of anything from WPC 35 through to WPC 85. Our complete lines include whey separation and pasteurisation, specialised low temperature evaporation units and spray dryers with CIPable bag filters. Relco Pacific can provide a processing solution for your whey stream whether it is from cheese or acid whey.

Upgrading your plant, we can also help with the modification of existing equipment including the modification of evaporators for the concentration of high protein products and the updating of spray dryers including the installation of CIPable bag filters and heat recovery units to vastly improve the operating efficiency of older drying plants. 


Whey Powder Systems

The RELCO Whey Drying System is specifically designed for manufacturing a high quality non-hygroscopic edible whey powder from cheese whey. RELCO can provide both conventional multi purpose and the high solids bottom feed drying systems. The conventional dryer can be utilised for both skim milk powder and whey powder where the more specialised bottom fed dryer can also be used for the manufacture of high quality non-hygroscopic permeate powders.

Let one of our RELCO product experts talk you though the advantages of each type of system and assist you in making the correct selection for your particular application.


New Spray Drying Systems


RELCO Pacific can provide through our sister company RELCO Europe a wide range of spray drying options.

Our product capabilites include: Skim Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Whey Powder, Baby Foods, Yeast Powders, Blood Plasma and Flavour Compounds.  

We can provide systems suitable for most product requirements and can provide a range of different dryer designs including Tall form and Multi Stage drying systems. All dryers can be fitted with the state of the art in house designed fully CIPable bag filters and explosion protection systems.

Talk to our drying experts today about a drying solution for your product application.  


Evaporator and Dryer Refurbishment

RELCO Pacific can offer an unparrelled service for the refurbishment and re-design of evaporators, spray dryers and roller dryers.


We offer a service for the modernising and re-design of evaporation systems to enhance their thermal efficiency and productivity. We can add callandrias, retro fit condensors and preheating units along with complete rebuilds including re-automation and CIP upgrades.


We offer a cost effective service to modernise and update any brand of spray dryer. This includes the installation of inhouse designed CIPable and non CIPable bag filters, the installation of new nozzle atomisation units and air dispersion units. The installation of internal fliud beds and the replacement of external fluid beds with our own inhouse designed high performance vibrating fluid beds. We supply air handling systems which simplify and centralise the ancillary fan systems on your dryer. We supply indirect gas and oil fired air heaters for all sized dryers.


Plant Relocations

Many times the cost of a new plant can be prohibitive but RELCO Pacific offers a relocation, redesign and re-installation service for both evaporators and spray dryers. We source good second hand units and re-engineer them to suit your requirements. We can provide cost effective solutions for your application and through our world wde network source the right equipment for your product application.

Do you have a plant on the wrong site? talk to us about relocation and refurbishment as an option. We can under take a feasibility study for you.


Powder Storage and Packaging


RELCO Pacific provides efficient and reliable sanitary conveying systems and equipment for dry bulk solids used in Dairy, Food and Pharmaceutical processing plants.

All systems are custom designed and fully integrated with existing processes. Our equipment is designed and crafted to provide dependable consistent operating results that transport, discharge, fill, weigh, blend and package a broad range of powder and bulk solid materials.


Consumer Packaging Lines

RELCO Pacific is proud to offer the PLF range of filling lines which are all built to facilitate the exacting demands of the dairy, food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. PLF manufacture a range of lines from semi or to fully automatic and are built so performance can be enhanced to meet production demands.

The PLF filler is the most accurate high speed can filler on the market.

The machines are designed to be flexible in order to accomodate a variety of containers sizes and types. PLF can undertake free product trials to assess the most appropriate filling method for your product. Machines can also be designed to meet ATEX regulations if required.

In addition to powder filling machines PLF's extensive knowledge has resulted in the addition of other ancillary equipment to its portfolio, including in-line nitrogen gas flushing, UV sterilisation, scoop inserters, container rim and particulate inspection systems and laser coding.